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About Redrum

Jeff Davis – Founder

Redrum’s existence began March 2010.  It fast became one of the top 5 duck hunting locations in Northwest Tennessee. After several years, it finished number #1. The 2011-12 season harvested 2444. The 2017-18 season harvested 1888 from one blind location.  The annual average over a 11-year span has been an incredible 1358 duck average.

Founder Jeff Davis, hunted this location for 60 days a season and with much observation, notes, and written records studied other properties with the potential of the original 15-acre location. In the spring of 2021, He sold the 15-acre spot and parlayed it into the pinnacle of duck hunting properties.

To begin to hunt this upcoming 2021-22 season, 231 acres just 919 yards west of the 15 acres. Because of the property s location constant duck traffic has been observed for the last 11 years, this year Redrum gets to be under them!!!! Our slogan will be loud and clear ….. “If they fly, they die!!!!!!”  In addition to the 231 we obtained a 1381-acre tract that adjoins the 231-acre tract, which we have named the game changer farm. It’s been Mr. Davis’ dream to create and manage the absolute best duck club

One could be a shareholder in, be a corporate lessee and have your own blind daily with their group or lease a complete blind daily under a self-guided scenario or have a guide and helper to do the cooking.  It’s not just the harvest records that separates Redrum from others is the comforts of blinds, food, the camaraderie, and the lifetime of memories made every day while a field.